fahrenheit (basilic) strasbourg

fahrenheit aus frankreich habe ich beim organisieren des tracks – elektronik live festival in basel kennen gelernt. ein äusserst angenehmer und bescheidener mensch, der melodischer elektro-tech produziert.

für die risikogruppe stellt er sein grooviges live set vor, dass auf rbs radio strasbourg gesendet wurde.

hier gehts zum download.


Everything started then…it’s midnight in a warm 1998 summer night…One Fat Kick, one Clap and Music Sound Better With You, he sang… First steps on a dance floor with a goofy dancing : first slap Indescribable, huge blast, watts and watts again… It’s past midnight … and nothing would never sound as before… Music sounds different, it sounds like a drug which follows me everywhere: a concert, a party, an underground I’m still looking for its beat, it sounds really like techno.com and those low quality compilation volume 25…the learning phase… Mature and calibrated ears, Lolo Garnier is for the first time making my speakers cry, 2 years later. I’m thirsty from sound in any kind of its wave: the vinyl is the solution: second slap. Thomas Bangalter’s discs are screaming,…but are going quickly out of fashion for some Colossus…The Underground System comes along, my turntables are turning crazy and sing some Carreta, Dima, Agoria, The Hacker, the electroclash emerges and La Rock01…Third Slap… The first mix tapes are sent with no conviction. I go back in time, I’m dusting off some classics by Warp, B Pitch Control, Kompakt, F Com, Gigolo, Kanzleramt…I try to understand the essence of Detroit (UR), make a trip to Ibiza and caught the fever, and then make a break with Caroline and her radio. Electronica, Teck, Deep Teck and the AFX crash…These 3 letters are the final spot of my investigations (Pierre Schaeffer’s Spirit). Eventually, the “Eletrochoc” by Laurent Garnier is completing my night table. I’ve understood he loves the music, I love the music, and above all, music will never give up on me.

fahrenheit’s myspace seite..


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