chlorophil (cosmic leaf) san josé/california

chlorophil es un artista de san josé, california, y es dj, produce y dibuja para revistas de cómic. energía y calidez definen este set que llenará tu espacio con aires frescos. adéntrate en su música…

und für alle, die noch keinen billigen spanischkurs belegen konnten:
chlorophil aus san josé (kalifornien), ist ein umtriebiger kulturaktivist, der in verschiedenen bereichen tätig ist. nebst seinen dj und producer leidenschaften, zeichnet er comics für verschiedene zeitschriften.

wie dem interview zu entnehmen ist, ist er zudem auch ein zorniger, junger mann, der nicht viel gutes an seiner heimatstadt sehen mag. doch wenn’s um die musik geht, so öffnet er sein grosses, kalifornisches herz und stellt trip-hopeliges und psychedelischen downbeat auf eine sinnliche art und weise zusammen. ok, machmal wird’s mir schon etwas süsslich und perwollig, aber ich hab mir sagen lassen, dass gewisse freundinnen in meinem bekanntenkreis auf sowas stehen. und „gewisse freundinnen“ sind nun mal per se eine risikogruppe für sich. von daher passt’s scho….

listen & download chlorophil’s mix:
(for download -> right klick the link)

„flowers for aerith“


„aspiration lifts“

und hier noch einige remixe von chlorophil. lauschen und saugen..

Orb-mother nature-chlorophil-remix by Chlorophil

Sun Rai’s Sovereignty by Chlorophil

Pitch Black – Harmonia – Chlorophil Remix by Chlorophil

Aliftree – Aurevoir Chlorophil Remix by Chlorophil

Femi Kuti – You Better Ask Yourself (Chlorophil Remix) by Chlorophil

chlorophil auf myspace..


questions and answers: chlorophil

who are you?
i am a person who loves the chill side of music and appreciate many different forms of music!! i produce/dj and also do art as well, colors for comic books, working on my first project right now! as well as some production in the works of getting released independantly!!

– when did you start making music?
it was in 2001 my buddy of mine showed me how to color comics and on the spare time we got into some of the music making programs that were available at the time!! i remember gettng so into it i made my unoficial album and gave them to my close freinds for christmas!! i dont think its good to share that anymore, i named it 2001 terrorist crisis, so it was a landmark to represent the memory of that crisis we call 9/11.

– how big is the alternative party scene in san jose?
its not that great it is mostly based off the art shows that happen periodically and the music represented at those are interesting but still not the level of excellence i enjoy within the elctronic community from the sf bay area as a whole, the music here kinda sucks compared to what is represented in the bay, i feel we need more focus on electronic music for san jose, and not just hip-hop as being the form of elctronic music that is around and the standard rock and roll style. if you want to dive deeper than you would have to go to other major cities around the area, like santa cruz, sf, oakland or berkeley!!

it is mostly a local scene here and not much goes through here as for the electronic part of the scene, mostly hip hop and drunken dive bar entertianment!! people dont come out for the music they come out to get wasted and go to work the next day, a bunch of 9-5 workers in this city, nothing like sf!! this city is a police run city and quite possible more cops than anyone else out here, not fun! also the people out here try to control it and usually dont bring anything in that great than what is already here, no one spotlights anything that seems as great as what is represented in sf!! people dont visit san jose for the music they go to sf for that! occasionally they would get something good at an art show or an exhibit but as for independant elctronic musc there needs to be a stronger focus something to sway people from the normal comercial music people are into out here!!

to me it seems like a bunch of frontrunners listening to some pop shit, the shit that money (corporations) try to shove down your throat, the shit that is only good for a month or two, stuff that dont last. good music is timeless, hear it ten years from now, 1000 years from now, or even have an alien from another plaent check it out , anyone should be able to enjoy true music, not like coffee where its an acquired taste! ! music shouldnt be used to seperate people it should be used to bring us together!!

– which are your influences?
certainly some of the freshest music coming out today is the biggest influence like a new album that just came out. i cant get inspired from the old stuff unless i never heard it, if there was no new music coming out then i wouldnt be as inspired as if that new album did come out!! also def the fans that make there way out to try to catch my sounds , the people that stick with you til the end of the party!! the people that are there at multiple parties that share the same experience u present or a part of!! the memories of that old parties that make up the new ones! i certainly dont get expired by drunken avid tv watchers that cant hear the freaking television because my bass is too loud!!

also location is another great inspiration, i can be inspired from the landscapes that take hold from the adventures of my journies!! forest, beaches, montains, burning man, festivals, outdoors!! clubs to me are not the best influence because its rediculous, you are not as free as you are when you are throwing down at a outdoor location, u have no smoking inside,cant drink beer past 2am, security always telling u something that is annoying like sit up or something awkward that is not natural. i rather listen to music with my eyes closed sometimes and not worry about the vanity that surrounds the scene, music is universal and shouldnt be something where only certain type of person can understand!!

music should be there to help the language of our culture and not ruin it like a corporation trys to push whatever they want becuase all the money in the world cant make the music better ! true music takes heart, most of the time the people that pay u the money are trying to have u do something you would rather not do!! deadlines also should not be part fo the music making process!! people of all ages ahould be able to enjoy music, i represent music that anyone can enjoy, not everyone will enjoy it, but at least i dont want an ego to be part of the music!!

– which are your aims in music?
maybe a little of what i was saying in the last question but i want to able to help crush the negative music out there and see that good music heals and negative music well does negative things!! i want anyone from a baby to a great grandfather to be able to enjoy it, no matter what language you speak, u should be able to enjoy it!!

– what profesional achievement are you proudest of?
i am proud of the support i gain from the labels that support me and sponsor me!! much thanks to the labels like cosmic leaf, ajana records, six degrees records, interchill, ultimae records. alot of the parties i do with the many crews is definately a great achievement and the continued relationship between me and the crew is how it shows on what level im at!


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  1. „i am a person who loves the chill“ – na das macht ihn doch gleich mal sehr symphatisch 🙂 Vielen Dank für dieses interessante Interview!

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