cher monsieur – wupwup – hamburg

wer auf wirklich alten sound, also auf so 1920er schellack dingsbums musik und/oder auf world music steht, respektive so was ab und an mal ganz witzig findet, darf sich nun freuen. meine damen und herren: cher monsieur

„He’s no Frenchman, he’s not Brazilian, his native language is German. But still, his sets sound like he’s already 65 years old, lives in South America and has 50 years knowledge of international music with soul and heart: We mean that in a good way! Cher Monsieur grew up with all kinds of music in a small town in Southtyrol, Italy. Then he moved to Vienna and began to attend and love clubbings and techno. He still worships these clubbings, but as DJ he wanted to do and play something else. So he bought dozens and dozens of Vinyls, no Techno, just music that every music-lover feels: Mambo, Swing, French Chanson, Neapolitan Folk Songs, Jazz… So it happened that he played warm-up and afterhour gigs with Techno artists. His approach to music was so special, heartfelt and unique that tias. couldn’t resist to put our longtime friend in our roster“

filed under: old fashioned music..


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