The Dark Side of Tulum

In Tulum (México) wird zurzeit wieder Party gefeiert.
Und wie so oft im Leben, gibt es zwei Seiten einer Medaille.

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synkro for self-entitled

„This mix represents where I am at musically right now and contains a selection of material that has inspired my Synkro Musik label. There’s a few tracks from the past year that I have been playing out a lot like “Wij Zijn” by DBridge, “Carbon” by CUTS, and a couple of tracks by Akuratyde from his debut album. Some older tracks that have been a big influence on my recent production include “Lapis Lazuli” by the late Susumu Yokota from his 2001 album ‘Grinning Cat’, “Oblivion” by SumOne on Planet Mu from 2009, and the amazing “Paradise” by Atlantis, an early cut from the Apollo archives. And finally a few unreleased bits from myself and others that will be coming out this year.“

Susumu Yokota – Lapis Lazuli
Asa – Moonlit (Synkro Remix)
dBridge – Wij Zijn ft. Kid Drama
Akuratyde – Past Lives
Module One – Pandora
Synkro – Observatory
The Remote Viewer – The Sound Of Old Helmshore
Sully – Hours, Miles & Still
Synkro – Gagaku (Frederic Robinson)
SumOne – Oblivion
Cuts – Carbon
Bop – Memories
Om Unit & Synkro – Reflections
Akuratyde – The Well ft. Conduct
Atlantis – Paradise (Part 1)

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hier: Alpwirtschaft Zwäcken

hier: Ibergeregg

Risikogruppe – Yerba Santa – KFMW Adventskalender 2019

Skit – Wege Zum Verständnis
Biomigrant feat. Juan Diego Illescas – Dualidade
Xanducero – Selva
Altair – Oriental (Barda Remix)
Arutani – Oag Pudern
Lagartijeando, Barda, BirdZzie – Cuelgue Cosmicover
Schoengeist – Ensueño
Jiony – El Maldito Bueno
Socek – Not Good Not Bad Not Ugly
Sarrelangue – Yoacán (Jiony Remix)
tmpl – Dorothy Yokota
Jiony – 778
Be Svendsen – Moments
kalupke – Onesided Consent
Mercedes Sosa – Cancion Con Todos – (Gabriel O`Shea Edit)
Madmotormiquel – John Love
Gama – Piel De Ser Ft. Stella Ismene
Mujia & Tajo – De Ushuaia A La Quiaca (Edit)
Lange Brise – Good Times

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hier: Radolfzell

hier: Tramdepot Burgernziel

hier: Kiosk-Art

una noche de 🔥 con @matanza_music (hier: Zürcher Theater Spektakel)

facebook of cows.. (hier: Geschinen)

Tabalena Festival
#hüeregüet (hier: Simplon)

hier: Offene Rennbahn Oerlikon

hier: Au Peninsula

hier: Horn Areal Richterswil

#WU19EURO (hier: Herti Allmend Stadion)

hier: Pfäffikersee

hier: Lützelsee

🙌🏽 @ @luechtturm (hier: Hardturm)

hier: Playa La Araña

hier: Zürich, Switzerland

sandarak for pingipung rec.

Flanger – Mulch
AFTERCLAPP – Capitao De Areia
clorinde – cecile and the knights (chöko aba edit)
Nicola Cruz & Pancho Piedra – Campo Triste (Jiony Remix)
Socek – Plain Gold Ring (Edit)
Pavlic – Mika Communism
Mateo Kingman – Lluvia (Kurup Remix)
Shanti Roots & Scheibosan – Jackpot
The unused word – The Healer (Acoustic Cover)
oldtoy – The son and the monkey
Paoli – Just Sleep
jiony – Mutual Denial
alexander scharf – bioluminescence
Henri Texier – Le piroguier
Steven Charles Boone – Everything Counts (Depeche Mode)

sandalwood for kraftfuttermischwerk

Albert Hofmann – Durch Mark Und Bein
Roman Flügel – Picnic For Players
Primal Code – Junkan
Dino Sabatini & Luigi Tozzi – Celeno
Primal Code – Jikan (Luigi Tozzi Interpretation)
300 Degrees – Let Us Flow
Etapp Kyle – Alpha
Donato Dozzy & Tin Man – Test 7
Floating Points – Danger
Cio D’or – Goldbrokat
Dop’q – Snorkeling In The Space (Doyeq Remix Vers. 1)
Luca Bacchetti – Genesis
Etapp Kyle – Nolah
Frank Bretschneider – Go! Said The Bird (Tennis Version)
Claro Intelecto – Another Life
Modd – Buran
Jurek Przezdziecki – La Piece Blue
Tade – Phantom
Leiras & Svreca – The Bridges I Burn
Albrecht La’Brooy – Queens Bridge (10PM)
Donato Dozzy – K6
Fantastic Twins – Preambule
Ice Station Zebra – Cancelled
Donev – Voyager 2
Spacebox720 – Diffused Lights
DJ Sprinkles – Grand Central, Part 2 (72 Hrs. By Rail From Missouri)

deep techno, ambient techno, chill

hier: Málaga, Spain


Nilsson – One (M.RUX EDIT)
Drew Gragg – Ostinate
Wadada Leo Smith – Don’t You Remember?
Long Arms – Ten Eight Seven
Townes Van Zandt – The Snake Song (M.RUX EDIT)
Praah – Les Pianos d Arcueil
Parra for Cuva & Jona Mayr – Locked
Gama – Planet Caravan (Gama Meditave Edit)
Elephant Pixel – In the Sky
Erik Friedlander – Night White
Drew Gragg & Patty Waters – Can’t forget (what can I do)
Ströer Duo – Vietnam
Onbekent – oneinamiledit
Young Marble Giants – Posed By Models
Abby Lee Tee – Morning scene (ritornell rework)

Styrax – could be perfect for a cold and rainy november sunday..

hier: Berghotel Mettmen

hier: Mettmenalp

risikogruppe im sender

5 hours full of valium house..

#🍒 (hier: Olma Messen)

hier: Seealpsee

hier: Jura, Switzerland

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